Discontinued Products

Brochures, datasheets, quick references and product manuals for products that are no longer offered by IMS/Novanta IMS.

MDrive Hybrid products​

MDrive Plus

User Interface Software

Ethernet TCP/IP


For use with MDrive units with an Ethernet communication interface. Required to configure the IP address and subnet mask. Includes a terminal emulator for MCode/TCP, a PDU entry dialog for sending MODBUS/TCP commands and Assembly object mapping tool for EtherNet/IP.


  • MDrive Ethernet



Firmware version LX 1.552
IMS* Terminal or IMS* Terminal required to upgrade firmware

MicroLynx hardware manual
MicroLynx software manual
MicroLynx quick manual

*Previously SEM Terminal

MicroLYNX-4/724 Jan 2007
MicroLYNX DeviceNet24 Jan 2007
Expansion modules
Isolated digital I/O18 Oct 2005
High speed differential I/O18 Oct 2005
Analog input18 Oct 2005
Analog output18 Oct 2005
Isolated communications18 Oct 2005
12 Channel I/O18 Oct 2005


MD-CC300-000 for MDrivePlus Step and Direction (MDM)rev052406
Parameter Setup Cable – USB to 7-Pin Plug (Adapter options for other connectors)
MD-CC400-000 for MDrivePlus Motion Control (MDI) rev052306
Comm Converter Cable – USB to Pluggable
MD-CC401-000 for MDrivePlus Motion Control (MDI) rev052306
Comm Converter Cable – USB to Circular


MDrive Step/direction
with internal encoder

MDrive42AC Plus
Step and Direction
Motion Control
Step and Direction
Motion Control
Quick References
Step and Direction
Motion Control

Legacy MDrive

Half/Full Step (MD14)
Half/Full Step (MD14)

Step and Direction (MDM17) (Replacement Product – MDM17Plus)
Motion Control (MDI17) (Replacement Product – MDI17Plus)
Speed Control (MDO17) (Replacement Product – MDO17Plus)
Motion Control (MDI17,MDI23,MDI34)
Step and Direction (MDM17,MDM23) and Speed Control (MDO17,MDO23)

Step and Direction (MDM23) (Replacement Product – MDM23Plus)
Motion Control (MDI23) (Replacement Product – MDI23Plus)
Speed Control (MDO23) (Replacement Product – MDO23Plus)
Motion Control (MDI17,MDI23,MDI34)
Step and Direction (MDM17,MDM23) and Speed Control (MDO17,MDO23)

Step and Direction (MDM34)
(Replacement Product – MDM34Plus)
Motion Control (MDI34) (Replacement Product – MDI34Plus)
Speed Control (MDO34) (Replacement Product – MDO34Plus)
Motion Control (MDI17,MDI23,MDI34)
Step and Direction (MDM34) and Speed Control (MDO34)

MDrive Linear Actuators
MDrive14 Linear Actuator
MDrive17 Linear Actuator
MDrive23 Linear Actuator
MDrive34 Linear Actuator

MD-CC100-000 for MDM/MDO REV102104
DB25 / LPT Port
MD-CC200-000 for MDI REV030405
DB9 / RS-232 / Serial Port


Linear Actuators
NEMA Motor Size 14
NEMA Motor Size 17
NEMA Motor Size 23
NEMA Motor Size 34

Motors – Stepping
NEMA 42 Motor & Encoder

Motors – IOS
IOS Motor System
IOS 17 Motor
IOS 23 Motor
IOS 34 Motor
IOS 42 Motor
IOS Accessories

DC Flat Motors
M10 DC Flat Motor
M21 DC Flat Motor

Rotary Motors
Discontinued Part Numbers
with current motor part numbers reference

Planetary Gearboxes
Quick Reference

PCB Mounted Products

IB462H – Half/Fullstep driver
IB462H Datasheet
(Replacement Product – IB462He)
Discontinued Product Manual
Change Summary: The replacement IB462He has a wider output current range and higher operating voltage.

IM481H – Microstepping driver
IM481H Datasheet (Replacement Product – IM481H PLUS)
IM481H Product Manual
Change Summary: The replacement IM481H PLUS delivers 2 additional step resolutions (full step and 36,000), active anti-resonance circuitry and enhanced current control for increased motor smoothness.
INT-481-19P1 IM481H PLUS Interface Connector

IM483H & IM805H – Microstepping drivers
IM483H/805H Datasheet (Replacement Product – IM483H/IM805H PLUS)
Discontinued Product Manual
Change Summary

Panel Mounted Products

IB Series Products
IB462 Datasheet
IB463 Datasheet
IB104 Datasheet
IB106 Datasheet
IB1010 Datasheet

IB Series Quick Reference

IB Series Manual

MForce Speed Control Products
MicroDrive Datasheet
MicroDrive Quick Reference
MicroDrive Manual

PowerDrive Datasheet
PowerDrive Quick Reference
PowerDrive Manual

Panther Products
Panther LD Datasheet
Panther LD Manual
Panther HD Datasheet
Panther HD Manual

Panther LI & LE Datasheet
Panther LI & LE Manual

Panther HI & HE Datasheet
Panther HI & HE Manual

IMx/Panther Software Reference Manual

IM Series
IM1007 I/IE Datasheet
IM1007 I/IE Manual

IMx/Panther Software Reference Manual

IM805 manual
IM483 manual
IM483I/IE manual

IM48318 Oct 2005
IM80518 Oct 2005

LYNX Products
LYNX Controller Datasheet
LYNX Isolated Digital I/O Expansion Module Datasheet
LYNX High Speed Differential I/O Expansion Datasheet
LYNX Manual
Software Reference Manual

IM1007 Datasheet
IM1007 Manual

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Datasheet

 Human Machine Interface (HMI) Manual
HMI ScreenBuilder
Programming and configuration of Human/Machine Interface. Use in conjunction with IMS* Terminal.
Windows NT 4 SP6, Windows 2000 SP1, Windows XP

*Previously SEM Terminal

Speed Control Products

OSC-805H Datasheet
OSC-805H Manual
OSC-462H Datasheet
OSC-462H Manual

USC-48-2 Datasheet
USC-48-2 Manual

OSC-483H Datasheet

Integrated Circuits

IM2000 F & P Manual

M3000 Summary
M3000 Instruction Set
M3000 Manual
M3000 Development Kit Manual

Power Supplies

Unregulated DC
IP Power Supplies Datasheet
IP Series Quick Reference

Switch Mode
ISP200 Power Supply Datasheet
ISP300 Power Supply Datasheet
ISP Series Quick Reference

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