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Upgrading the LMD MCode OS Firmware

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IMS Liberty* MDrive products feature field upgradeable firmware that allows our users to take advantage of the new feature additions and bug fixes. This tutorial covers upgrading the MCode OS firmware, which is used on LMD Programmable Motion Control and Ethernet TCP/IP products.


  • Liberty* MDrive
  • Liberty* MDrive Linears
  • Liberty* MDrive with Absolute Encoder


  1. A PC running Microsoft Wintows® 7 or greater.
  2. A LMD Motion Control or Ethernet TCP/IP product, connected to the PC via the appropriate cable or converter.
  3. LMD Software Suite installed with the Ethernet TCP/IP Configuration tool installed and open.
    > Download
  4. The MCode OS Firmware upgrade file:
    > Download

*Previously Lexium


Before you begin

The following prerequisite steps are required before performing a firmware upgrade the MCode Operating System on your LMD Programmable Motion Control or Ethernet TCP/IP product.

  1. Download and install the LMD Software Suite.
  2. Download and extract the MCode OS Firmware file.
  3. From the LMD Software Suite main screen install, then open, the Motion Control Interface.


  1. Connect to the LMD Motion Control or Ethernet TCP/IP product as you normally would using the Motion Control Interface software, which is part of the LMD Software Suite.
  2. Verify that communications are active, enter “PR VR” into the terminal window. This will verify the firmware version you are upgrading from.
  3. On the menu, click “Up[date Firmware”.  This will launch a series of dialogs that walk you through the upgrade process.
  4. Browse to the location on your hard drive that you extracted the firmware (*.Novanta IMS) file that you are upgrading (or downgrading) to. Click the “Open” button”
  5.  Click the “Update Firmware” button.
  6. On the “Upgrade LMDxX” dialog that will open, click the “Connect” button. The LMD product will be in upgrade mode, communications BAUD rate will be set to 19200 kbps on RS-422/485  Programmable Motion Control products.
  7. IMPORTANT! Cycle power to the LMD product before clicking “OK” on the dialog.
  8. Click the “Upgrade” button. The firmware will begin to transfer to the LMD. The time the process will take depends upon the product being upgraded.
    1. Programmable Motion Control (LMDxM): approx 6 minutes.
    2. Ethernet TCP/IP (LMDxE): approx 3 minutes.
  9. When the firmware transfer completes, click “Done.”
  10. Key-in CTRL+C to soft reset the LMD product.
  11. Enter “PR VR.” You should see the new firmware version display in the terminal window.
  12. The MCode OS upgrade is now complete.

*Previously Lexium

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