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Initial Setup and Reset of CyberSecurity

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This tutorial provides information on the initial setup of the “CyberSecurity feature” on the Liberty* MDrive (LMD) standard and high-torque ethernet devices that are shipped with cybersecurity enabled.


  • Liberty* MDrive
  • Liberty* MDrive Linears


  1. Liberty* MDrive Software Suite
  2. IBM compatible PC running
    Microsoft® Windows 7
    or higher with available USB port
    and USB to RJ45 convertor, or
    integral RJ45 connection.


Before you begin

LMD ethernet devices with a CSE mark on the product label of the motor indicates that cybersecurity is enabled on the device and additional setup is required before the device
can be used.

Download and install the Liberty* Software Suite.

Step-by-step for initial setup:

  1. Launch the Liberty* Software Suite.
  2. Launch the Ethernet Interface from the Liberty* Software Suite Launch Screen.
  3. Connect the LMD to the computer.
  4. Establish a connection through the ethernet interface using the Connect button on the Ethernet Interface.
  5. Follow the prompts to setup an ethernet password.

For information on initial setup and password reset, refer to the Setup Notes available for download from:
Initial Setup and Reset of Cybersecurity

For additional information on CyberSecurity, refer to:

*Previously Lexium

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